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Arithmetic Foundations

Breath. Here is the process: 1) The in-flow of fresh air from outside space into the lungs. This is Yin flow. 2) With lungs fully expanded, the body is satiated and nourished with essential life force. When the breathing action reaches its in-flow boundary (ie. its upper limit or boundary interaction with positive polarity), the flow of [...]


Foundational Tables of Multiplication

Can numbers tell us about the structure of the universe? Perhaps they can. Within the internal structure of integers is embedded information that may shed some light. In what follows I will share some interesting if generally overlooked features of numbers and basic arithmetic. In 1202 AD, Fibonacci said: “These are the nine figures [...]


The Vortex Glyph from the Mind of God

The depth of connection between numbers and the Universe has been known for a very long time. It seems clear that Pythagoras who was born in 570BC was fully aware of the direct connection between numbers and Cosmos. Other examples point to this from the early Bronze Age as far back as 3300BC in Sumeria, Babylonia, and others of the great [...]


Relative Motion of Vectors Produces Fields

I have observed that the radials of two circles when in motion relative to one another produce optical interference patterns in the form of a dipole field. Even more interesting is that when you pass the centers of the circles through one another, a mathematical singularity occurs and produces a monopolar interference pattern. In other [...]


120 Point Vortex Coil

Rodin coils use 36 points. I thought to increase the density of 9MOD9 positions by inventing the Vortex Coil. Vortex Coils use a minimum of 120 points but can be built using any number of points higher than 120. This is done to maximize the density of nines on the toroid surface area. The greater the number of points used, however, the [...]