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Endless Octaves of Light

To begin to understand energy, it is necessary to develop an understanding of harmonics. How convenient is it that the underlying infinite intelligence has endowed humanity with senses that can be used by the astute to intuit energy’s true nature, to thus arrive at a higher understanding by an analysis of light and sound? Energy [...]


The Music of Matter

The principles of harmonics, well-known to the musician, are the very principles that govern the laws of physics. All octaves of energy, whether within the range of human investigation or beyond it, are the same. Each octave varies from the next only in scale and the amount of energy required to sustain the oscillation. The chart below [...]


Long Division and Euclid’s Lemma

Do you remember the “long division” you once learned in grade school? Long division allows one to efficiently determine the internal structure of integers with arbitrary precision without introducing the cumbersome aspects of floating point decimals. What we call Long Division is actually the Division Algorithm developed thousands of [...]


The Effect of Base on Numeric Fields

Today I have been investigating the effect of a base on number systems. My investigation has shown me that whenever a mind elects to subdivide the conscious field of One into myriad parts, that no matter which base system is used, numbers will always take on the pattern of in-flow and outflow. However, since at least three parts are [...]


The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio, also known as Phi. What is Phi? Phi is a ratio of lengths which possesses many remarkable characteristics. A unique and telling feature of Phi is that if you add 1 to its value, the result is Phi squared. Equally strange, if you subtract one from Phi the result is 1/Phi (i.e., the reciprocal value of Phi). Said another [...]


Arithmetic Foundations

Breath. Here is the process: 1) The in-flow of fresh air from outside space into the lungs. This is Yin flow. 2) With lungs fully expanded, the body is satiated and nourished with essential life force. When the breathing action reaches its in-flow boundary (ie. its upper limit or boundary interaction with positive polarity), the flow of [...]


Foundational Tables of Multiplication

Can numbers tell us about the structure of the universe? Perhaps they can. Within the internal structure of integers is embedded information that may shed some light. In what follows I will share some interesting if generally overlooked features of numbers and basic arithmetic. In 1202 AD, Fibonacci said: “These are the nine figures [...]