Numeric Field Interactions in Square-based Pyramid

Below is my analysis of a square pyramid in terms of Numeric Polarity Theory.

Taking this study a step further, I have overlaid my pyramidal field line analysis over the numeric map with an 8 radial field.

The NW/SE diagonal of the pyramid has encoded into it in MOD9 the harmonic series for the key of C in Hertz! Here are the 16 overtones of the harmonic series.

Here are the overtones encoded on the pyramid starting from the center and going up the NW diagonal.

I think what may be happening at the capstone is that the harmonic overtones (mod9) 2, 6 and 1 are summing to 9. Furthermore, it seems to me the mod 9 sums below this point define the levels of the Seal of Solomon “zone”, the King’s Chamber and the Queen’s chamber respectively. The base of the pyramid rests on a mod9 foundation of 7.  See table below:

Here is an analysis of how fields may correspond to the number map.

Here is another view of the pyramidal field excluding the number map.

Here is a view excluding the cap field.

An interesting fact which appears to connect the operation of the great Pyramids in Egypt to the astronomical dimensions of our solar system is that the base of Cheops is 36,524.24 inches in perimeter which coincides remarkably with the 364.24 days of our solar year.

If one adds together the diagonals of the Great Pyramid’s base, they will find the sum to be 25,827 inches, a figure which represents the number of years in the precession of the equinox! It would seem that the Great Pyramids in Egypt are tuned to the dimensions of our solar system. It also suggests that the English system of measures was not set on the arbitrary standard length of the King’s foot as is taught.

Some more analysis:

One can see four Vesica Pisces reflected in the fields above.

Take a look below at how this pyramid field pattern overlays upon a painting in the Grand Masonic Lodge in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

See how the key intersections of the pyramids field lines overlap harmoniously with the floral patterns in the Masonic painting?

Here is an alternate view.

I believe that the view above is the best fit as all of the field lines are very well matched to the shape of the floral pattern. Also notice the alignment of field source and the floral buds.

Here is a size adjusted view of the same which is also interesting.

Here again are the field lines alone.


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