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Genetics Based Computing

A Biologically Modeled Computational Paradigm Nature tends to find the most efficient path forward. The thoughtful may observe and learn from nature’s ingenuity and employ these methods in the development of technology whenever possible. The system that nature has devised for encoding and transmitting complex information is known as [...]


Relative Motion of Vectors Produces Fields

I have observed that the radials of two circles when in motion relative to one another produce optical interference patterns in the form of a dipole field. Even more interesting is that when you pass the centers of the circles through one another, a mathematical singularity occurs and produces the predicted field of a black hole! I [...]


120 Point Vortex Coil

Rodin coils use 36 points. I thought to increase the density of 9MOD9 positions by inventing the Vortex Coil. Vortex Coils use a minimum of 120 points but can be built using any number of points higher than 120. This is done to maximize the density of nines on the toroid surface area. The greater the number of points used, however, the [...]


36 Point Rodin Coil Windings

I have drawn up the winding pattern I have been using for constructing Rodin coils. These coils appear to generate a rotating magnetic field without any mechanical apparatus. Below is the winding pattern for the Yin flow side of circuit. The trace indicated represents a single winding. Below is the winding pattern for the Yang flow side [...]