On Numeric Magnetism and the Fundamentals of Primality

In my search over the decades for an explanation of the distribution of the primes and the true nature of numbers, I have come to see numbers not as mental abstractions representing the physical world, but rather as creation’s lowest level of “physical” granularity – the base currency of the physical expression of consciousness.

I have formulated the view that mind creates the field we think of as numbers through the act of creative will.  This contrasted with a mind at rest which experiences unity, that is, it experiences oneness with all that is as an undifferentiated field of emptiness.


A mind with a will to experience separateness through subject and object instantly brings numbers into being. These numbers are in reality a manifested field of consciousness. It is the interactions between the polarity within this field that automatically set up polarity from which magnetism arises.

negative numeric field
positive numeric field

Numbers then, which radiate from the consciousness field, are the conduit connecting cause to effect.  For many years I have held the idea that numbers are the fundamental unit of force which, directed by the mind and tempered by a vast cosmological nexus of cause and effect, combine to manifest the physical creation that we as human beings experience as life.

I believe that my theory of Numeric Polarity (see my earlier writings on Numeric Polarity) is in harmony with creation; simple and yet rooted at the very border line of mind and matter. It is through numbers and by the simple set of self-constructive “rules” encoded within the glyph below that the Universe organizes itself into myriad variation. Now more then at any other time in documented history,  I believe that the primes are in serious danger of giving up their long guarded enigmatic nature in large part due to the entirely new perspectives being offered through emergent revolutionary patterns of thought.

The physical universe is fundamentally divided into 9 parts.

vortex glyph

The number 9 represents the seat of the creative or destructive will. The numbers 3 and 6 extend from nine as polarity which imparts motive force from the creative will into the Creation. It is for this reason that the poles of duality are reflected in every facet of existence; subject and object, night and day, good and evil, sweet and sour, hot and cold, plus and minus, up and down, east and west, Yin and Yang and so on. This functioning of the principles encoded in the vortex glyph create space, time and force through interactions with the poles at 3 and 6, which are “powered” by their connection to creative or destructive will at 9.

9 is is never “physically” present in the system but ever guiding it

The idea of balance in stillness on a circle of 9 is not possible since 9 is by its unpaired nature inherently unbalanced. This confers upon the cosmos a basic state of “restlessness” which is the root cause of the vortex from which arises the physical Creation.

The Yin Yang symbol indicates balance at rest, perfected stillness. To obtain this level of stillness, one must transcend physical (or mod9) based existence altogether and transfer consciousness to the higher sphere, the circle of 8. Eastern and Western spiritual traditions have both pointed towards this aspiration with concepts like enlightenment and atonement. The s-curve in the Yin Yang symbol contains the potential of Creation, but as there can be no “movement” in this perfect state, the potential remains unexpressed until an act of creative will sets the system into motion.

yin yang in stillness (circle of 8)

Once the system is set into motion, the expression of Yin Yang takes on another form.

yin yang in motion (circle of 9)

The glyph I have constructed above illustrates how the rise of polarity sets into motion a magnetic vortex which is at once a balance of positive and negative polarity. When this balance exists through equilibrium, a third neutral force can be observed in the system.  This glyph above represents how aether (or charge) flows.

I believe the crop circle below may represents the same idea.

crop circle showing balanced motion

The Aetheric Vortex which gives rise to physical existence is powered by the cosmological trait of in-flow and out-flow shepherded by polarity. I believe that this principle produces all physical phenomenon at every scale: the “atom”, the breath of the human body, and spiraling arms of galaxies. We have here put our finger on the basic underlying principle which governs the mechanics of the physical Creation.

Here is a brief outline of my idea of Numeric Polarity:

Since 2 and 4 are both even (or paired numbers), I think of them as being “complete”. I therefore refer to these as having an inherently positive polarity. Since 5 and 7 are both odd (or unpaired numbers), I think of them as “incomplete” and say that they have inherently negative polarity. Here, I am borrowing the existing conventions around negative particle behavior.

To better understand the polarity of numbers, consider the diagram below.

numeric polarity map

The numbers 2 and 4 “insulate” the positive pole at 3. No primes will ever occur along the 3 radial which passes through 3 from the center of the circle of 9.

The numbers 5 and 7 “insulate” the negative pole at 6. No primes will ever occur along the 6 radial which passes through 6 from the center of the circle of 9.

The numbers 8 and 1 “insulate” the neutral pole at 0 / 9. No primes will ever occur along the 9 radial which passes through 9 from the center of the circle of 9.

I think that the prime numbers are the result of particular interference patterns between the vector fields produced by the numbers themselves. I refer to these as “Numeric Field Interactions” and define Numeric Fields to be the quantum field produced by the mind wherever there is a conscious will differentiating unity into plurality. The term Quantum is defined as:

quan·tum n. pl. quan·ta 
1. A quantity or amount.
2. A specified portion.
3. Something that can be counted or measured.

The definition of this term is conformant with the ideas being expressed in this writing.  It makes one wonder how well the fathers of Quantum Mechanics understood the important significance of the numbers themselves.

The growth and contraction of all physical systems is expressed through the doubling pattern which ranges infinitely in any direction from (dn_small), …, 1, 2, 4 through 8, 7, 5 ,  … , (dn_large), where  7 = 16 or 1 + 6 and  5 = 3+2 or 32. Since distance is illusory, as has been shown through the non-linear transmission of charge through circuits exploiting super-luminal effects, the universe is able to act at any scale that the creative will desires and will always follow the self-organizing principles of the Universe dictated by Numeric Polarity.

The first 7 primes (from 1 to 27) are indicated with purple circles.  Note that I do not consider 1, 2 or 3 to be prime as my definition of primes is built upon a theory of field interactions rather than the coinciding (but surely related) effect of prime factorization.  Note that I refer to each complete cycle around the circle of nine as an incrementation.

incremental primes on circle of 9

In some cases, the primes insulate both sides of the negative or positive polarity line. In other cases, they only insulate one side of it.  The more one increments around the circle of nine,  the fewer occurrences of primes one encounters. I think this is because higher incrementations are further from the center of the vortex and therefore causes a diminishing strength of interaction between the numeric fields.

Below is a listing of all of the first 720 incrementations around the circle of nine.  The table indicates numeric polarity and the position of the primes.

table of numeric polarity

An analysis of the table above will indicate that there is a magnetic attraction between the alternating columns conferred by the poles at 3 and 6.

The table above collapses magnetically as follows.

Collapsed View of Numeric Polarity Table

If you overlap all of the numbers sorted according to their numeric polarity, you will see that no positive prime ever overlaps with a negative boundary prime. You will also see that no negative prime ever overlaps with a positive boundary prime.

I have also found that analysis of the numeric polarity for the Fibonacci sequence reveals an infinitely repeating cycle of interlaced magnetic polarity.

fibonacci in mod9 with polarity mapping

Of particular interest are the so-called prime quintuplets which are defined as places on the circle of nine where the closest possible density of prime numbers occur.

I have included a table of the first 39 prime quintuplets.

table of first 39 prime quintuplets

Below are the 3 possible prime quintuplet configurations and associated polarities.

neutral prime quintuplets
positive prime quintuplets
negative prime quintuplets


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