Energy and Harmonics

What is energy?

When a thermodynamic gradient is manifest, such as a gravity field, an emf gradient, a temperature gradient, we say that there exists an energy well. When such wells of potential are tapped and energy is transferred through space and time, we call this power.

Energy moving through the medium of a conductive material lattice, such as through a copper conductor, produces charge pressure waves.

Energy moving through the medium of air produces air pressure waves that we can sense with our ears. We then translate these pressure waves into sound in our mind.  

A highly intuitive way to think about the transference of energy is to consider sound harmonics because there is a direct correspondence between the two. As has been said, “As above, so below”. Being a musician, I have spent my life working with harmonics as music and so find the analysis of sound harmonics to be a convenient avenue for intuiting the nature of higher order vibrational energy.

Below is the harmonic series and then again each harmonic series for every overtone.

Below is the harmonic series table above reduced to mod9 values.

Below is the balanced square of nine.

balanced square of nine
balanced square of nine
circle of nine

There is a relationship between this arrangement and the circle of 11.

foundational field glyph of 11
foundational field table of 11
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