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Operating Meyer’s VIC

From information in the patents and technical documentation written by Stan Meyer, it is clear that the Voltage Intensifier Circuit (VIC) is the key to Meyer’s claim of deriving oxyhydrogen gas from water while consuming almost no power. According to Meyer, this effect can best be achieved by constructing an asymmetric capacitor [...]


Meyer’s Gas Core Transformer

Could the very first patent Stan Meyer ever submitted be the key to understanding his subsequent water fuel related inventions? Meyer titled this patent “Electrical Particle Generator”, a name which would not attract too much attention to itself. Furthermore, Meyer never patented this device in the USA. He only patented it in the [...]


Simple WFC Energization Circuit

In response to those of you who want to build a cell but feel that you do not have enough knowledge in electronics to get started, I here present to you the simplest analog circuit that I have designed for the purpose of pulsing water fuel cells. To adjust the frequency of your circuit into the resonant condition, switch out capacitor [...]


Water as Fuel with Puharich and Meyer

Perhaps one way to ween civilization from its appetite for fossil fuels is to offset its use by oxyhydrogen gas fuel derived from water. With more then 300 million cubic miles of water on the Earth’s surface, its one of the most abundant substance on the planet. Water is composed of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. When then [...]