The Effect of Base on Numeric Fields

Today I have been investigating the effect of a base on number systems. My investigation has shown me that whenever a mind elects to subdivide the conscious field of One into myriad parts, that no matter which base system is used, numbers will always take on the pattern of inflow and outflow.

However, since at least three parts are required for balanced motion (ie., a vortex), base 2 mod 1 shows itself to be a mirror in stillness.

Balanced stillness:

Balanced motion:

Below are 33 incrementations of the following number systems

Base 9 MOD 8

Base 8, MOD 7

Base 7, MOD 6

Base 6, MOD 5

Base 5, MOD 4

Base 4, MOD 3

Base 3, MOD 2

Base 2, MOD 1

In the charts below, Red is used to indicate expansion or outflow (+). Grey is used to indicate contraction or inflow (-). Notice how both the contractive and expansive paths always form mirrored palindromes in every base.


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