Arithmetic Foundations


Here is the process:

1) The in-flow of fresh air from outside space into the lungs. This is Yin flow.

2) With lungs fully expanded, the body is satiated and nourished with essential life force. When the breathing action reaches its in-flow boundary (ie. its upper limit or boundary interaction with positive polarity), the flow of breathe passes transiently through zero resulting in a reversal of directional flow.  (ie. boundary crossing)

3) The out-flow of spent air back to space. This is Yang flow.

4) With lungs depleted, the body hungers desperately for more air. A physical being is at great peril of bodily death after only a few minutes of being deprived of air. When the breathing action reaches its out-flow boundary (ie. its lower limit or boundary interaction with negative polarity), the flow of breathe passes again transiently through zero resulting in another reversal of directional flow.  (ie. boundary crossing).

5) The Yin flow begins again with a new breathe. The cycle of giving Yin to the Yang and Yang to the Yin by way of the polarity boundaries repeats itself so long as a being lives.

Through the course of my analysis, I have discovered that the principle of breathe is as much a reality for mathematical abstraction as it is for the evident physiology of respiration in biological systems.

The chart below is matrix style listing of how numbers 1 through 2016 are position on the radial of a circle divided into 9 parts.

Also indicated in the chart below is the numerological compression of each value listed. When ever a base10 sum changes by an order of magnitude, the color is alternated between blue and gold.

On each radial, the number represented by the radial oscillates in a palindromic manner.  For example, in the 500 range of the One radial (values 505 through 595) you see the following patterns:

** yin palindrome **

532  (32 is the mirror of 23)
541  (41 is the mirror of 14)
550 (50 is the mirror of 05)

** yang palindrome **


586 (86 is the mirror of 68)
595 (95 is the mirror of 59)

These patterns are consistent everywhere in the system. The pattern that governs this behavior completes a full cycle after 223 incrementations around the circle of 9.

foundational table of arithmetic

When this matrix is plotted along a circular system, the result is the chart shown below.

Foundational Arithmetic (1X)

The numbers set themselves up as interlaced spirals.

The Yin spiral expands the system.  The system grows as large as it can in as it moves through 2 Pi along the spiral path.

When it reaches 2 Pi (at 9), the system begins a kind of contraction, not in size but in movement back towards the initial polarity. It seems the system that governs creation, which is reflected by mathematics, never looses size once gained.

This is where I was reminded of the principles of breath.

breath of the spiral
Foundational Arithmetic (2X)

4X Magnification

Foundational Arithmetic (4X)

6X Magnification

Foundational Arithmetic (6X)

8X Magnification

Foundational Arithmetic (8X)

16X Magnification

Foundational Arithmetic (16X)

32X Magnification

Foundational Arithmetic (32X)
Foundational Arithmetic with Vortex Glyph

The prime numbers fall on this chart as follows:

Foundational Arithmetic indicating Primes

Here is a closer look

magnified view of the primes on foundational table of arithmetic


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