Mappings Between Meyer’s Hydrogen GMS Cards and Patent Schematics

The various card modules of Meyer’s Hydrogen GMS system maps to the schematics in patent WO9207861 in the following manner.

Voltage Amplitude Control UI Mapping

Generator Mapping to Accel Card UI

Variable Pulse Frequency Generator to GMS Card UI

Digital Control Means Circuit to GMS Card UI

Gated Pulse Frequency Generator Mapping to Water Cell Card UI

Gas Feedback Control Circuit to GMS Card UI

PLL and Resonant Scanning Circuit mapping to GMS Card UI

Here are the cards installed in the GMS rack.

GMS Unit

This was the control unit mounted in Meyer’s water-powered dune buggy. For a complete tour of the water-powered dune buggy, click this link:

GMS unit in dune buggy

GMS unit in dune buggy with Stan

This GMS rack contains 18 module cards and a cable connection bay with eight ports. The card modules below are in order of the GMS rack from left to right:

Card Extender Module

Card Extender

Exhaust Gate Module

Exhaust Gate

Air Gate Module

Air gate 1

Exhaust Module


Air Gate 2 Module

Air gate 2

Speed Limit Module

Speed limit module

Alarm Module


Frequency Generator Module

Frequency Generator

Water Cell Module

Water cell

Accelerator Module


Injector 1 Module

GMS injector 1 module

Injector 2 Module

GMS injector 2 module

Injector 3 Module

GMS injector 3 module

Injector 4 Module

GMS injector 4 module

Distributor 1 Module

GMS distributor 1 module

Distributor 2 Module

GMS distributor 2 module

10V Power Module

GMS 10V power module 1

5V Power Module

GMS 5V power module

The cable connection bay contains eight ports:
1. Alarm (7 pins)
2. Dist (7 pins)
3. Gate (2 pins)
4. Accel (32 pins)
5. Exhaust Gate (2 pins)
6. TOR (8 pins)
7. DC Power (2 pins)
8. VIC Circuit (6 pins)

These ports are shown below:

GMS cable connection bay

The GMS Unit was connected through the connection bay to the Voltage Intensifier Array Unit.

Meyers VIC control unit

The VIC control unit was mounted on the back of the water-powered dune buggy as shown below.

Meyers VIC control unit installed in the rear of the dune buggy

This rack contains eleven cards, 12VDC electrical terminals, two cable connection ports, and a power switch.

The card modules from left to right are:
1. Steam Resonator
2. Resonant Cavity 10
3. Resonant Cavity 9
4. Resonant Cavity 8
5. Resonant Cavity 7
6. Resonant Cavity 6
7. Resonant Cavity 5
8.  Resonant Cavity 4
9. Resonant Cavity 3
10. Resonant Cavity 2
11. Gas Processor

Each of these cards has the same user interfaces and are each connected to their own separate VIC (Voltage Intensifier Circuit).



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