Stan Meyer Water as Fuel Lecture in Denver on May 1997

I am writing today about the “Water as Fuel” Lecture presented by Stanley Meyer at the Denver Marriott in May of 1997.

The present video contains a very informative lecture by Stanley Meyer explaining the details of his water fuel cell electrical polarization process which he said could be used to “power cars, trucks, trains, aviation, boats, ships, rockets, space stations and even crafts for deep-space exploration.”

Stan Meyer claimed to have developed various technologies related to water fuel:

1) a means to efficiently produce hydrogen gas from water

2) a means of slowing hydrogen’s burn rate to co-equal the burn rate of slower fuels by electronically mixing measured amounts of ambient non-combustible gases with the hydrogen gas prior to ignition.

3) a means to further increase the energy yielded by the water molecule through a process of extracting the atom’s electrons while also electrically stressing the atom to “sub-critical states” prior to combustion.

4) a means of retrofitting all modern engines to use water fuel cell technology wherein no extensive modifications or alterations are necessary to perform the adaptation.

5) a means of tapping a “limitless supply of electrical energy” from water by opening up an “energy aperture” within the atom itself through knowledge of a specific means of stressing and elongating the water molecule.

Stanley also states in the video that he had worked out most of the manufacturing bugs standing in the path to mass production of retrofit kits for public use.

The one hour video is presented below in its entirety:

I have transcribed the video below.

(00:55) Thank you very much and thank you for coming this morning. I am not an early riser so if I am not activated you can kick me a little bit and we’ll go on.

Communication is really the name of the game in trying to develop new technology and get it commercialized. We do release a publication we call “The Birth of New Technology” and on the TSR’s that you have received, it’s a brief overview of the tech base. This is about a 230-page detailed step by step explanation on why and how we actually can use water as fuel.

We have other publications on the back of the manual. If you desire to have this manual, all you need to do is send us a letter of request, include in it a check drawn on a U.S. bank and we will in turn immediately send back the data and literature to you.

(Alex Petty: Stan Meyer died on 3/21/1998 and so this offer is no longer available, however you can download the referenced document here.)

(01:50) I have a very short period of time. It’s hard for me to condense four hours of presentation down to less than an hour, so bear with me. I’ll hit you very high in high technology. After the session, if you have some questions feel free to ask once we get into the presentation of it.

(To the A/V team) Can you turn on the slides? Slide projector?

Figure 1.

(02:21) In the historical events and in the developing, back during the Arab embargo, I did an analysis of why we had an energy problem and was alarmed that a little country over in the mid-east could actually cripple the United States because the industrial base of the United States and the world is based on what? The supply and utilization of energy. My background is quite diversified from high-tech research and development, product development engineering, corporate entrepreneuring. I’m an independent businessman and I had always kept in high-tech development and basically developed many, many products on my own.

(02:53) When the Arab embargo actually hit the United States, I had a very lucrative business in retail into truck parts, making enormous sums of money. But when the trucks stopped along the road and the goods and services were no longer moving out of the Columbus Ohio area, I started asking the question, “How long do we have before the food supply chain in the United States would be disrupted?” They said Stan, “If you don’t get your trucks up and running within 27 days, you’ll disrupt that food supply chain and in the world, it’s less than that.”

(03:23) When I did the analysis, as to why we had an energy problem and looked into what technology was available, it became quite apparent to us that we had to solve the energy problem. And in my high-tech background, I realized most generally the problem is not solved by the multi-international or the government, it’s generally solved by an individual or group of people who see a need and come together and solve a problem. So I went into my office laboratory and I just simply asked the prayer to God. I said, “God, I love my country. It’s the greatest country in the world; I have been all over the world. If you will help me put a power supply in the country, I’ll do anything you want to do.” And subsequently, I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I exercised all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and this is how I’ve been bringing the technology in.

Figure 2. – A collection of Stan’s Patents

Figure 2.5 – Another image of Stan’s Patents

(04:04) The mountain was so high because at that time, being involved in high-technology I realized that by the various and numerous different ways of how to control and suppress high technology. I had been there. I have observed it. So the only thing I had, the intellect to accomplish it. I had the motivation to get it accomplished. The one thing I did not have was the faith to be able to overcome the obstacles that would be put before you to try to bring in an alternate fuel source. And of course, in the conference, I always hear all of the horror stories about people who have tried to bring in alternate fuel sources and many of those stories are true. So I needed to release my faith unto the Lord.

(04:49) The first objective was to be able to, that I knew from my prior experience, legalize the technology first and then bring the technology out. There are many loopholes in the national patent laws and so it’s required that you would understand these loopholes and try to prevent a technological blockage from occurring. Now back then, it became quite obvious that it was not going to take one patent, miracle patent, to solve the energy problem. It would take many patents integrated together to come up with full systems development. Many problems that confront the inventor that they make a classical mistake in developing their ideas is they do not develop the technology to maturity. We always talk about environmental problems and we are leading into a world global crisis in many different areas simultaneously.

Figure 3. – Meyer’s Spaceship Earth

(05:40) In the case for the privilege to run an internal combustion engine off of fossil fuel for the last 70 years or so, all the nice little chemical oxides going out in the exhaust. When that car or engine or diesel engines running off of fossil fuels those chemical oxides are actually electrovalently linking up to the ionosphere and shutting off the light, sunlight, coming into our atmosphere. Several years ago, I was taken to a very beautiful part of the tundra, the Scandinavian countries. In Sweden, I had recently gone back and all the trees were dying. And they asked me, “Stan, why are our trees dying? The very trees that we need in order to convert the CO2 back to O2, to have the O2 for breathing.”

And I said, “Well, chemical oxides are electrovalently linking up to the ionosphere is shutting off the sunlight by as much as 10% in certain global regions, is allowing the bio-germ of blight to be formed which is now killing off our trees that we need in order to sustain and maintain life on Earth.” In conclusion, we always talk about the Greenhouse Effect, that the chemical oxides are heating up our air. We are having tremendous climatic conditions. It’s continually getting worse. The polar caps are melting at a rate now to cause the surface of the oceans to rise one and a half inch per year.

(07:03) If you have any land down in Florida, I suggest that you try to go to higher ground in the next couple of decades. I believe the highest elevation in Florida is 50 feet. So it won’t take you very long to calculate how long Florida will be under water. In conjunction to this, of course, the polar caps are melting is causing an imbalance and the Earth is starting to wobble even at a faster rate than it has done in the past. But in conjunction with all of this, the core samples from the polar region have shown that prior to the industrial revolution, the oxygen content of the air was around 30%. For the privilege to drive an internal combustion engine off of fossil fuels that 30% has been dropped to less than 20%. You see the O2 going into the engine and linking up to the chemical oxides is coming out to a poison. It is very illogical for us to say we’re very intelligent, yet it’s illogical that we’ve allowed the fuel men to control our economies in such a way that we’re killing the Earth, ecological life support system. It is illogical to pollute the air, the land, the water, and the sea and expect that we are going to live for a period of time to tell about it. We are almost at a crossroad where we may not be even able to reverse the damage that is being occurred on this spaceship called Earth.

Figure 4.

(08:16) In conjunction to this, in running an internal combustion engine, the O2 content is dropping to less than 20%. The population will go from about 5.6 billion to about 9 billion in the next 12 to 15 years. And China has opened the doors to Western technology and it is estimated that it will be roughly about 1.3 to about 1.5 billion cars running around. When you’re driving your car, your processing hundreds of thousands of millions of cubic feet through that engine and you’re causing the Greenhouse Effect. Now we must be able to reverse the ecological damage that’s being done to Earth. At the same time, be able to maintain the industrial base of the world.

(09:00) Many of you probably are not aware of that during the Gulf Arab War, the U.N. really got the United States to use a form of nuclear weapons, low energy grade tanks projectors, that would penetrate the surface of the tank. If you would look at this photograph you would see the tanks were blown apart like paper machete. If you looked at the corpses, the corpses were carbonized from inside out. Under the Freedom of Information Act, it was absolutely confirmed that we released well over 100 tons of one of the most highly radioactive materials over there. It has also been confirmed that Saddam Hussein kept his promise and used chemical biological agents over there and of course, the so-called Gulf War Syndrome has all of the effects of the radiation and the chemical biological agents. A lot of the oil over there is contaminated. I have talked to – I have had very high-level meetings with representatives from the Arab nations who have confirmed this. Five nations have confirmed that this oil is contaminated. If this contaminated oil would be allowed to come in our country, or any country in the world, then the internal combustion engine would become the greatest war weapon that you could have ever imagined. If that contaminated and radioactive oil comes into a country, you can imagine stopping behind a car when at a traffic light in summertime with the windows down, a breathe this contaminated oil, I would assure you and all probability that you will develop lung cancer. And the internal combustion engine under this condition, you could probably knock off about 220 million Americans to do it in less than two years or so, and knock off about 360 million Europeans.

(10:32) Whether the oil is cut off to us or not, by war, or by contamination, or by other means, the Arabs are not in love with America. They could just as easily turn around and sell the remaining oil to China who wants now to industrialize and has the same goods and services that you and I have been enjoying over the last 200 years or so.

(10:55) The key to trying to solve the energy problem was naturally to go to water.

A lot of people don’t realize that when you drive your car on gasoline or diesel fuel, you’re actually running off of hydrogen. The gasoline roughly has about a half a pound of hydrogen to it by atomic weight. Water, on the other hand, has two and a half times more hydrogen to it and under the National Bureau of Standards, it’s two and half times more powerful than gasoline. So it became quite imperative that if we could use water as a fuel source, we would not only be able to solve the environmental pollution problem, but we could sustain the industrial base of not only the United States but the world at large. Therefore we would not go into global economic chaos, as oil is being dwindled. It has been confirmed that the OPEC oil fields are depressurizing much like they had depressurized in the United States. You can’t keep pulling all the oil out at the large volume that they have. OPEC had informed the industrial leaders several years ago that they could not increase the demand of oil to supply for the increasing industrial base of the world.

(12:04) Their natural pressures are dropping 3 times faster than occurred in the United States and you can calculate very quickly that in fact those fields become depressurized at the rate such that we probably have about 8 or 12 years of supply of oil coming out of the Mideast. After that, the domino effect will occur. Countries are now and would become destabilized and in all probability global war will occur over energy. Believe me! That is a very realistic view of what’s confronting us.

Figure 6.

(12:38) Knowing this, it became imperative that we must use a fuel source that’s very free, abundant, and very readily available. It also turned out that water per pound of natural gas compared to water – it’s about one pound to one pound; one pound of gas to one pound of water. The blessing to it is that the water provides its own oxygen for combustion so therefore you eliminate the O2 being extracted out of the air.

Figure 7. – The Electrically Charged Water Molecule

(13:06) It became imperative to find a way, “the how” to pull apart the water molecule and do it in a physical manner, not chemical. And so you have to learn how to ask the right scientific questions and what actually took place that when the unlike atoms take on covalent bonding, under the law of physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. No one was asking the question, “Well, once the unlike atoms come together to form the water molecule, what actually takes place?”

(13:39) And what actually occurred was that in fact that in the field of physics in the outer orbit, the L orbit, that normally the oxygen atom by itself has 8 electrons and 8 protons. But when the unlike atoms of hydrogen is covalently linked up to the oxygen atom, then the L orbit now accepts up to 10 electrons and as a result, the oxygen atoms swings to a negative electrical charge. Since the hydrogen atom is now shared its negative charge electron, the positive charge of the hydrogen atom now swings positive. Therefore the water molecule was bi-polar electrically charged. Heretofore, they assumed in the field of science, that all molecular structures were held together by the electrical magnetic attraction force, but we had shown in fact, that there is an electrical attraction force, q and q prime, that actually is formed between the, unlike atoms.

(14:33) This electrical attraction force is now called in the field of science, “electrovalent bonding”. You know, the scientific world likes to be able to put names to phenomena, and that electrical attraction force that holds two unlike atoms is equal to the two shared negative electrons that the oxygen atom has now accepted from the hydrogen atoms under the law of physics that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Figure 8. – Voltage Dynamics

(15:01) So it became very apparent from this discovery that if we would expose the water molecule to opposite voltage potentials of electrical stress, and shut off the flow of amps, opposite of that from an electrolysis process, we could simply now cause the water molecule to be pulled apart. And this was very well established by Coulomb’s Law, Newton’s second law of electrical force, that whenever you expose an electrically charged particle to a voltage of opposite polarity, you will cause that electrically charged particle to go into a movement. So in other words, if I would create a positive voltage field, would not the negative charge electron be attracted to the positive voltage field under the law of physics that opposite charges will what? Attract? And if I set up a negative voltage charge on the opposite side would I not now have a repelling action that like charges will repel?

Figure 9. – Electrical Polarization Process

(15:59) And so therefore, in an electronic circuit, you can set up electrical attraction force of opposite polarity and we discovered we could simply pull apart the water molecule in a physical manner simply by causing the positive charge of the hydrogen atom to be attracted to the negative voltage plate and at the same time the negatively charged oxygen atom be attracted to the positive voltage field.

(16:20) Three things occur simultaneously when pulling apart the water molecule in a physical manner. Number one, you have the elongation of the water molecule. As the water molecule is elongated, then you have what is called “changing the timeshare rate” of the electrons, which causes a switch-off of the electrons by the native intelligence of the hydrogen atom. It says, “I want to maintain as an atom”. And then you have what is called covalent switch-off.

(16:49) (To the A/V team) Well, Murphy’s law came into existence, can you check to see if I can move the slide?

(16:58) Does anybody know about Murphy’s law? Whatever can go wrong will go wrong? So when Murphy shows up, then it becomes a blessing.

Figure 10. – Covalent bond shut-off

(17:06) Now in this particular case, we are transferring the electrical stress from the molecular structure of water and applying electrical stress across the combustible gas atoms of the water molecule. And what actually happens is that since the nuclei are positive electrically charged, it will migrate now to the negative voltage field and the negatively charged electron is now being migrated to the positive voltage field. And therefore we are now starting to elongate the atoms of the water molecule. We are putting electrical stress on the combustible gas atoms. Therefore we are slowing down the spin velocity of the electron and under the electromagnetic theory of magnetism says that whenever an electrically charged particle passes through an electrostatic field, its byproduct is electromagnetic energy. So the strength of the electromagnetic field of the atom is directly related to the spin velocity of the electron.

(17:59) So when I put an opposite electrical charge and create this opposite electrical stress on to the atom, then I slow down the spin velocity, therefore electromagnetic field strength of the atom becomes weakened. Now there are four forces that affect an atom. There is electrical force, electromagnetic force, weak and strong nuclear force and gravity. What force affects all the others? Electrical force!

Figure 11. – VIC Impedance Network

(18:26) So it became obvious that the electrical polarization process, the Lord had me develop the VIC circuit, using the dielectric value of water as part of the electronic component of the circuit. I put two resonant coils on either side of the capacitor which is formed by two voltage zones, and the dielectric liquid of water and therefore it became a tuned pulsing circuit and when you adjust it into the dielectric value of water, you are now allowing the voltage across the two voltage zones to cause the electrical polarization to separate the water molecule in a strictly physical manner. You do not consume voltage in the electronic circuit, you restricting the current therefore you know have a very economic way of releasing the hydrogen and oxygen from water economically.

Figure 13. – Bifilar amp inhibiting circuit
(alternate image from video)

(19:16) We are now bifilar winding the resonant coils to give it an enhancement of amp restriction to allow the voltage to perform the work.

Figure 14. – VIC Coil Assembly

Figure 15. – Voltage Charging Effect

(19:28) We went through system engineering.

Figure 16. – Resonant Cavity Water-Fuel Injection

(19:30) We found out that as you raise the voltage higher, the more gas was being generated; not on a linear effect as to the electrolysis process.

Figure 17. – The thermal explosive energy of water by purity.

(19:39) We found out that the electrical polarization process occurs in all forms of natural water, even the most purest form of distilled water.

Figure 18. – Ionization Stage (alternate image from video)

(19:49) Now the technology of using water as fuel was actually invented and developed through the eyes of a businessman. Under the law of economics, the guy who comes up with the cheapest way is going to win out. You there is a lot of catalytic ideas that come into existence, but they don’t apply the law of economics and they never really get out the door. And it was also developed under the KISS Method. Does anybody know what the KISS Method is? Keep It Simple Stupid! Don’t make it complicated. Now when I started back in the late ’70s, I couldn’t go to any textbooks to show these things, but the discoveries are quite simple once the realization of the mechanism was there it became quite obvious that water was a fantastic fuel source.

(20:32) Here’s where we are increasing the voltage to higher to start to cause the water molecules to go into an ionization state – much like that of fluorescent tubes.

Figure 19. – Triggering Resonance

Figure 20. – Sustaining Resonance

Figure 21. – Resonant Propagation

(20:41) Now we got into a very interesting part is that when we tune into the dielectric value of water, you go into atomic resonance which I will talk about which now propagated release of energy that caused a magnitude of increase in hydrogen gas production way over the prior state of the art, the electrolysis process.

Figure 22. – Energy yield and resonance (alternate image from video)


Figure 23. – Method to adjust the burn rate of hydrogen

Figure 24. – Method to adjust the burn rate of hydrogen, view 2

(20:03) Next in the invention was to learn how to adjust the burn rate of the hydrogen-oxygen gases. Normally when you combust hydrogen and oxygen the burn rate is around 325 centimeters/second. But in order to adjust the burn rate to co-equal that of the fossil fuels, if I am able to do this, to accomplish it, then I would have a retrofit system that we can retrofit to every internal combustion engine in existence and therefore maintain the economies of the world.

Figure 25. – Burn rate adjusted oxyhydrogen gas flame

(21:33) This shows a hydrogen and oxygen flame that is being adjusted to around 37 cm/sec. Most generally if you remember your high school chemistry days when you light the gas it goes FFFUHFAH, it’s burning at 325 cm/sec. You got your igniting the gas and the flame is being sustained and maintained from ordinary natural water with a temperature of well over 5000 degrees plus.

Figure 26. – Method to adjust the burn rate of hydrogen (alternate image from video)

(21:54) In order to do this, there is a characteristic of water that water is also like a sponge; it will absorb ambient air. The natural waters around the world will have anywhere from 9 to 11 percent of ambient air, the bulk of ambient air composed of non-combustible gases like nitrogen and argon other gases and as a result when you pull apart the water molecule from water, you are also releasing the ambient air with non-combustible gases and so it’s a multi-gas generator and it automatically adjusts the burn rate down to around 47 centimeters/second. So we are now using the water as a gas mixing regulator. Now if I am using the water as a gas mixing regulator, is it costing me anything? Now, so far, under the law of economics, if I am using ordinary rainwater, I don’t process the water in any way, I don’t add any chemicals into the water, is it costing me anything? The political system has been trying to find ways of how to tax rainwater. And of course, I am not interested to get into that discussion with them. Secondly, voltage zones are composed of stainless steel materials which is chemically inert to the process. So under lab, actual certification testing the longevity is like .0001 per year. So if any of you people live for about 10,000 years, come back and tell me, but normally you would not have to replace the voltage zones so I am still complying with the law of economics, right? If I am restricting current flow down the minimum and I am raising voltage higher well then, is it costing me very much in electrical power in order to split the water molecule? Now, this does not create energy. The only thing we are doing is developing the ability to release the energy from water.

Figure 27. – Preventing gas ignition (alternate image from video)

(23:31) Now we found the ability to adjust the hydrogen burn rate to any burning level from fossil fuels all the way on down to burning leaves and paper. We’ve developed now the ability for anti-spark back by using the mixture of the gas with non-combustible gases that somewhere along the line in that tube which we call a quenching circuit, the non-combustible gas separates the hydrogen and oxygen gases and as a result as you terminate the gas generation there’s no spark ignition going back into the resonant cavity.

Figure 28. – Quenching Nozzle
(alternate image from video)

Figure 29. – Quenching tube allows hydrogen to be distributed without spark-ignition
(alternate image from video)

(24:03) And you have that spark arrestor irregardless of gas pressure or volume.

Figure 30. – Spark-ignition tube

(24:10) This gives you an example of the burn rate. To understand it, if I put hydrogen and ambient air into it and ignited one end, the rate of burn is roughly around 325 cm/sec. If I put natural gas and ambient air in it and ignite the gas, it burns at around 47 cm/sec. So it became very obvious that if I now mix the hydrogen and the oxygen gas with non-combustible gases that do not support the burning process, then I can adjust the burn rate of the hydrogen gas to co-equal that of the fossil fuels.

Figure 31. – Meyer’s table of burn rates for various gases

(24:43) That was the number one major invention that allowed us now to go ahead and retrofit to an internal combustion engine or any device that’s absolutely been running on fossil fuel. We now have a very economical way of doing this using ordinary water. Now the byproduct of burning water, anybody know? Is water! And as a result of that, automatically in doing this, we are solving the environmental pollution problem. If you’re running a car on water in the example, you no longer are putting chemical oxides in the air from the byproduct of burning the fossil fuels. That water mist being expelled out of the system is environmentally safe.

Figure 32. – Recycling flame gases

(25:21) We had to be able to adjust the burn rate to lower than the 5,000 degrees it shows on the videotape. You have to get a little practical about this because if you put that type of flame on the stove and your wife decides, “I want to do some cooking”, but you burn holes in her pots and pans. I’m afraid the sell job would be a little bit harder. So you have to be practical about it.

Figure 33. – Water fuel cell retrofitted to an internal combustion engine

(25:46) So that “learned us” the abilities to adjust the burn rate. Now that gave us the abilities to develop the technology to run an internal combustion engine off of water. As an engineer, you look at the engine in three ways. Number 1, it’s a mechanical drive device. It got us here today. Secondly, is it not an air pump? It pumps the air through the engine and out the exhaust. Thirdly, is it not a manufacturer of non-combustible gases? And the answer is yes because when the ambient air goes through the engine at the low temperature of combustion, it’s not going into the plasma state and so the non-combustible gases of air have very little effect to the combustion process. It does not alter it in any way, yet we take the non-combustible gases from the air and electronically meter mix it back into the fuel gases from the water and therefore you can adjust the burn rate to co-equal the fossil fuels. Now, in the law of economics, how much does it cost me for air? Anybody can tell me it’s still free right? So I still got rain, water is free. I still have ambient air that’s free.

Figure 34. – Gas grid network

(26:48) Here was another billion dollar patent that was developed. Prior art said that the only way you could transport hydrogen was cool it down to 465 degrees below zero, put it under pressure and truck it down the road expending diesel fuel. All we need to do is take ambient air, mix it, expose it to a flame, to create the non-combustible gases, mix it with the hydrogen, and we can adjust the hydrogen burn rate equal to or less than that of natural gas and transport to any gas grid system anywhere in the economy – without even changing a valve.

Figure 35. – Hydrogen fracturing process prior to gas ignition

(27:21) Ok, we’ve gone through all of these wonderful things of how to split the water molecule but the problem was, what good would it be to develop a system for home heating or to develop a system to run an internal combustion engine if you can’t keep the industrial doors open. Now during the Arab embargo, I was called into a meeting with the Columbia gas system that informed us, the industrial leaders, that our natural gas was being cut off 100%. I saw some of the richest and most powerful industrial leaders in the state of Ohio popping pills and I thought they were going to have a heart attack. Because, basically, what they told us was without energy, we cannot produce a product. If we cannot produce a product, can we make a profit? If you can’t make a profit, you don’t pay your bills. And the bigger you are, the quicker you fall. And they tried to Rally with all of their money and all of their efforts in intellect in the industry to try to come up with an answer to the energy problem. But I learned a long time ago in high-tech development, I don’t care how many billions of dollars in research you have, you can’t pay for creativity. Creativity comes from God – if it’s a benefit for mankind – and I just simply asked a prayer to God, “If you show me a way, I love my country, it’s the greatest country in the world, I’ll do anything you want me to do.” So I embarked on developing the technology. But during the Arab embargo, we had roughly about two and a half days of fuel for global defense. Today it’s down to a day and a quarter. When it gets down to roughly a day’s supply, the Joint Chiefs of Staff will have to make a decision – no more global defense. There are people called war brokers. They are men and women who are highly trained in bringing countries into war, which is the largest and most profitable business in the world. Making and designing war equipment, go out and pay a billion dollars for a tank, blow it up – go back next week and get another one. Right?

(29:05) So there are people who decide to try to propagate their business and increase their profit ratios by this method. But the key was that I learned as a young man, you must negotiate from a point of great strength. We needed to protect the military integrity of the United States. I was informed by the military of their problem. Even the admiral of the Navy, in talking to them, told me that during the Arab embargo that almost 60% of the entire nuclear fleet became inoperable. You see, these nuclear modules in the subs, when you work them 7 days a week for a period of 6 months they become radioactive and they become hot. So you have to pull out these modules and put new ones in. Now, of course, the diesel fired submarines were no longer operable because we had no fuel. The Arab embargo happened to be the greatest thing that ever happened in America because it woke us up to that we had a great problem; that our entire military integrity and the economic base of the United States was in jeopardy. In Japan, of course, makes in their economy to convert raw materials into finished products and they have to import oil and so they experienced one of the same things.

(30:18) So now we go down to the atomic destabilization of the water molecule. Einstein basically said that if you knew how to get into a gallon of water, if you could tap into this energy source you could take a thousand car train around the Earth many, many times. There is an enormous amount of energy in a gallon of water and if you look at the “Equinox Tape”, you’ll see where they talk about that one glass of water has enough energy that you could literally vaporize all of the oceans of the world.

Figure 36. – Electron Extraction Circuit

(30:47) We started embarked on this technology and so, therefore, we now developed the electron extraction circuit that not only do we cause the electrical polarization process, and as we pluck the electrons off the atoms of the water molecule, we pull the electrons out of the water, out of the resonant cavity and therefore the byproduct is producing the electricity. So you can have self-sustained oscillations in the system.

Figure 37. – Destabilizing combustible gas ions

(31:11) Now it became important when we started plucking the electrons that we added laser energy, photon energy to it, we are now bringing the atoms to sub-critical state and once we bring it to sub-critical state, we ignite the gases and an enormous amount of energy is released. It’s called “the hydrogen fracturing technology”.

Figure 38. – Stable Atomic State (Atomic Energy Equilibrium)

(32:45) Now let me illustrate it this way. The Lord says to me, “We have eyes but we do not see. We have ears but we do not hear.” What causes the energy of the formation of a hurricane? Or a tornado? And what causes lightning to be formed in a storm cloud? And what the Lord has shown me is this. Posed several questions: How is it that a fetus in a mother’s womb can undergo atomic structuring to give us life? The mother doesn’t take in enough food and nutrients or enough solar energy to create one atomic structure. How is it that you can take a seed of a plant, put it in the ground and grow a tree 90 foot high? That tree doesn’t take in enough nutrients or photon energy from the sun to create one atomic structure – yet the seed creates atoms, molecules, chemical processes that sustain life.

(33:39) Einstein said that if we extend our hands in opposite directions, somewhere along the line our hands would meet. That means our Universe is circular in nature. The Ret effect in astronomy shows that in fact that our universe is expanding at a fantastic alarming rate. How is mass being created in our Universe? Einstein’s equation energy equals mass times the square of light showed that the potential of the light was greater than that of the third dimension. That energy is coming into a third dimension in order to create and sustain our lives as we know it.

(34:12) It became quite obvious then that if we would now take the atom and expose it to opposite electrical stress. Now, in the law of physics and science, we know that energy coming into our universe comes through the atomic structure. Now we know that if we hit the atom, physically, we release heat energy, right? Like a hammer hitting a nail. We know that Thomas Edison came along and oscillated the atom by way of current flow and that was the invention of the light bulb. Gould came along and caused the atom to absorb photon energy and reradiated and that was the invention of the laser device. The precursor to that was the MASER where we had learned that we can cause the atom to absorb electromagnetic energy and reradiate it – and that was the development of telecommunications.

(35:03) You know when you’re at a soccer game or a football game and all 80,000 plus people are screaming and hollering that the guy made a goal and you hear this trumpet and the guy goes “PPPT” – like that – into a trumpet. But it’s amplified and you can hear that noise in the trumpet clear across that soccer field with the screaming 80,000 fans screaming and very happy that this guy made a goal. A trumpet in a sound box is actually a amplifier demonstrating that this energy can be tapped into and we see it and it’s around us every day.

(35:38) Now for an example, in a hurricane, when the temperature varies and the heat starts to rise, it starts the vortex. As it starts the vortex, it now draws in the water moisture into the vortexing air. The air as its now swirling is causing electrical charges, both positive and negative, across the outer side of the vortex in air and those electrical charges causes the water molecule to flex and that’s what fuels the hurricane and a tornado.

(36:10) The reason why you have lighting form at a rain front is because when the hot air and the cold air meets together and starts to rise, the clouds start to vortexing they take on opposite electrical charges, it draws the water moisture in between the clouds and flexes the water molecule under particle oscillation as an energy generator by way of electrical stress, and voila, you have lightning. It’s all around us. Where is the energy coming through to create the lightning that fuels the hurricane? If you have the abilities to tap into this zero point energy, the energy coming into our universe, we have an endless free way of having energy that can bypass the reliability on fossil fuels.

(36:54) It became quite simple when you understand the mechanism that when you put the electrical stress across the atoms of the water molecule and as you elongate the atom, you are now transferring the electrical stress to the component parts inside the nucleus of the atom. Now in the meeting, it was quite evident, and in a lot of meetings that were here in this symposium that it always referred to as the requirement was to tap into nuclear energy you must have high voltage potentials capabilities to do it. And what actually happens is that all these hundred or so particles inside the nucleus like the meson particles, down to the quarks – and even the smaller particles – they are all arranged in a geometric configuration and they are spinning on a vertical axis along with the spinning reference to the electrons.

(37:42) As you put electrical stress on to these spinning particles – you remember the old steam engine? Where you had these spinning balls and it would regulate the engine. Well, the mechanism naturally – what happens when you split the water molecule, you flex the atom of the water molecule and as you do it, it will release energy. Now, the way it occurs is that as electrical stress is applied across these spinning particles inside the nucleus, they slow down. And the native intelligence says, “I must have more energy in order to stabilize the atom in a stable state of equilibrium” and therefore the energy aperture is opened.

(38:20) Now you have the quarks, and the quarks are held together by gluons, right? Now what the hell are gluons? Well they are energy pathways. Hmmm? That’s right! Therefore energy is coming into the atom and is passing through the energy spectrum and is now being emitted outside of the atom and so the trigger mechanism is that if you put electrical stress on to that atom, you can cause that spin to slow down and the native intelligence says that energy aperture will open and more energy will go into the atom in order to try to stabilize a stable state of equilibrium.

(38:55) Now, just as our eyes have the ability to see certain frequencies of energy, it doesn’t say that there are not other frequencies of energy that are available. Now we invented the infrared lens and the ultra violet lens, to detect those frequencies of energy, have we not? It does not say that there are not other energy sources that are available.

Figure 40. – Energy aperture of the atom

(39:17) Here is an example that Mike – that Dr. Pappas – has shown that the energy being emitted to the nucleus and the outer energy spectrum of the atom is a directional force because the potential energy coming into our third dimension to create our universe as we know it – it has native intelligence to create our mass. It has the abilities to create and sustain our life form and that energy potential is one way, and so it’s a one way gate valve.

Figure 41. – Oxygen energy balance

(39:47) Now we come to the point that as you expose the atoms of the water molecule under electrical stress you’re now starting to oscillate the atom under electrical stress. So unlike Gould, and the others, we are now applying electrical stress of opposite polarity across the atoms of the water molecule to cause particle oscillation as an energy generator by way of electrical stress.

Figure 42. – Hydrogen energy balance

(40:15) So now we are causing the hydrogen oxygen atom to increase in energy, that every time you pulse it under enormous electrical stress, it adds more energy into the hydrogen and oxygen atom. Once you terminate the electrical stress pulse it now shuts off the flow of energy into the atoms and then that energy is now available to be utilized as work.

(40:35) So basically what’s happening is the more you oscillate the combustible gas atoms under electrical stress, more and more and more and more energy is going into the combustible gas atoms. You now anywhere along that line can light the gas and release this enormous amount of energy that’s available to us in the zero point energy and we now have a way to power our trains, planes, boats and any other form of device that we have in our economy.

Figure 43 – Energy pumping action

(41:03) We now take it, this is an example that not only are we energy “prime-enant”, we can now pluck the electrons to destabilize the mass, open up the energy aperture even further and now release even more energy.

(41:16) Now a classical example of this on a thermonuclear device; there is not enough energy in an atom to blow up anything. And you can prove this out very simple by taking an electron and passing it to a resistor and you get 1x amount of heat. A proton is 1840 times greater than that of an electron so I would pass it to the resistor and the opposite polarity attraction force, you’ll find out you get 1840 times more heat out of it.

(41:44) Where is there enough energy in an atom to blow and destroy New York City? What actually happens in Uranium 235 and 238 is that you have the clustering of the protons which allows the clustering now of the energy apertures. And then when you blow the atom apart by a neutron bombardment it actually destroys and rips open this energy aperture in a very violent way and this is the energy that really is releasing into our environment under that hostile environment that would blow up the city. What we are actually doing is taking a very natural phenomenon that occurs in thermo-gas ignition and we are simply enhancing its control and releasing it to the energy level that we so desire.

Figure 44. – Hydrogen fracturing process

Figure 45. – Hydrogen fracturing process

(42:24) Now we get to the hydrogen fracturing point of the technology. This is where we take the atoms of the water molecule, we take it to a sub-critical state, we pluck off their electrons, we add photon energy in it to take it to a very high stable state, and we are now duplicating the muon process that has been very successfully demonstrated in universities in this country, where they would take a muon and trick the hydrogen atom into accepting a muon, reject its natural electron. The muon would decay in a millionth of a second. There was a readjustment within the nucleus of the atom and says, “Oh, I don’t have an electron any more, I must release energy!” and so when it tries to stabilize it flexes and releases and enormous amount of energy coming through our atom structure.

(43:10) Here is where we are taking and causing at least four to five electrons to come out of the oxygen atom. Normally when an atom has at least 50% of its electrons missing, it acts like a little baby and blows apart. In this particular case, what we are doing is exposing the hydrogen atom to a photon energy, it absorbs it and causes their electrons to migrate farther away from the nucleus. Its electrical attraction force becomes weakened. Whereas the oxygen atom is eight times bigger and so when you take it on the gas ignition you have – and as the unlike atoms try to come together to form the water molecule, it has an avalanche effect, mass density occurs and an enormous amount of energy is being released.

(43:52) The projected energy yield release anywhere beyond – up to and beyond – 2.5 million barrels of oil per gallon of water.

Figure 46. – Voltage triggering

(44:02) Now we don’t need to get to that size because we don’t want to destroy the hydrogen and the oxygen process.

(44:10) Ok, we’ve done all this wonderful research in using water as fuel, but if you can’t system engineer it, it doesn’t mean anything. Right? So you’re finding out a lot of talks in the symposium. This has been confirmed now in many, many governmental and university laboratories around the world. This is where we are now taking the water molecule, meter mixing it and exposing it between two high voltage zones. A box the polarity, shut off the current flow at around 40kV or higher and we now instantly convert water into thermal explosive energy.

(44:40) Now this device does not create energy, the only thing that we are doing is utilizing the energy that’s already there in the atom. It’s a triggering process like a thermo-nuclear process, but this one here is under a control state.

Figure 47. – Tapered resonant cavity in a water fuel injector

(44:52) As a result of that we developed what we call a water fuel injector that simply replaces the spark plug or the injector port in your diesel engine or your spark plug in your gasoline engine or we replace the nozzle injector in a jet engine and literally fly it off of water. Now an environmental issue, they always talk about that the fluid inside the air conditioning is causing the destruction of the o-zone.

It’s not what’s causing it.

It’s when the jet engine is flying in the stratosphere, you’ll find out the O3 goes through the engine, it breaks down the O2 and covalently links up to the aviation fuel, it creates the chemical oxides going out that’s reducing the sunlight and we are destroying our o-zone. And I will tell you, if we keep allowing this to continue on, you’re going to create enormous holes in the o-zone and its very well possible that our atmosphere will leak into outer space because the o-zone is the only thing that is really covalently or electrovalently linking up to keep our atmosphere in. If it does occur, I will tell you that it’s possible that we can become another Mars; totally absent of any form of an environment, an atmosphere.

(45:56) Here is where we now take in the resonant cavity. We are tuning the dielectric value of water and this acts as a amplifier that we allow the electrical stress to be amplified and compressed and this allows us to oscillate the water molecule atom farther and farther and farther away from stable state equilibrium and then allow this out stretched atoms of the water molecule to be injected out of the injector. And when they come back, it flexes as an energy generator, releases the spark that ignites the gas

Figure 48. VIC Circuit

(46:28) and that’s why we can now go ahead and replace the spark plug. The VIC circuit now gives us the ability to do that.

Figure 49. – Dynamic voltage potential

Figure 50. – Various resonant cavity geometries

(46:34) The resonant cavities that can do this can take on different shapes. The tapered cavity acts as a compressional wave. The lower one actually has high heat generation and therefore we can vector the heat and thermal exposure to energy of hydrogen to any level that we so desire from zero to ninety degrees. Heretofore that was not invented in the prior art.

Figure 51. – Water fuel injection system

Figure 53. – Water fuel management system

(46:59) Now it became quite a simple system, where we are now taking the water, meter mixing it into what we call a water fuel cell injector that replaces the spark plug. We meter mix the water and hit it with very high voltage, we put the electrical stress across it and that energy now is released to run the car.

Figure 54. – Water fuel injection kit

(47:19) There’s an example of the water fuel injectors down on the bottom.

Figure 55. – Water fuel injector kit installed in the water powered dune buggy

(47:23) There you see it replacing the spark plug on the dune buggy.

Figure 56 – Stan’s “new” EEPROM based controller system

(47:27) We are using the latest technology, an EEPROM technology and reducing it down to get us our cost effectiveness. The system is now in system upgrade for manufacturing.

Figure 57. – “Gas processor” installed on the water-power dune bugger

Figure 58. – Meyer’s water powered dune buggy

(47:40) We are now using what we call the gas processor to take the ambient air, amplify it, and so therefore we are now using the internal combustion engine – not to destroy the air – but we’re using the process to use the internal combustion engine to now re-purify the air and bring it back up to the level that it was prior to industrial revolution.

Figure 59. – Meyer’s steam resonator handles the winter ice problem

(48:02) They always ask me about what happens if water freezes in the winter time. Well, the Lord had me develop a resonant steam resonator technology whereby which since the water molecules bi-polar electrically charged, we now put a pulse electrical charge across the atoms of the water molecule, we stretch it, and then we release it.

Figure 60. – Particle oscillation as an energy generator

Figure 61. – Atomic Energy Level Adjustment

Figure 62.

(48:12) We’re stretching it like a rubber band and when we release it, it releases energy that heats the water. So therefore we have a very economical way now to heat your home or heat the water to prevent the water from freezing in the winter time.

Figure 63. – Air re-claimer technology

(48:34) This technology has allowed us now to use water to even generate electrical power. Now we had to design the system in full system development in order to get it in compliance. The technology is legalized under U.S. National Security Energy Act of 1992 which said that any alternate fuel source retro-fitted to an internal combustion engine must be oxygenated. We use the oxygen from the water. We are the only technology in the world that has that capabilities now. We got the U.N. to announce very recently to the world, “Stop running all internal combustion engines off of fossil fuels and do it absolutely immediately because the acceleration of the Greenhouse Effect that’s now taking place.” Now all of these nice beautiful chemical oxides that’s been put in the air by burning the fossil fuels, we now as we’re running the engine on water, the byproduct is water mist. Those chemical oxides going through the engine can go through what we call an “air re-claimer” and since those gases molecular structures are held together by a molecular attraction force, we now can simply pull them apart and take it right back to the natural state to reverse the process that’s been ongoing.

(49:45) Now the water can be slightly de-energized. There is unfortunately – I mean fortunately for us – if you allow a slight de-energizing of the water molecule, the question was under the EPA are we swapping one environmental catastrophe for another? Are we going to have a lot of flat water around? The answer is no because once you allow the water mist to be exposed to the sun, it will absorb photon energy and bring it up to its original energy level.

Figure 61. – Atomic Energy Level Adjustment

Figure 64. – Open ended energy system. Sun cures problem of flat-water exhaust mist.

(50:13) So basically the technology is a solar device. Since we are only using photon energy from the sun, are we taking anything out of the environment? No. All we are doing is taking the solar energy that’s coming in from the sun and maintaining the industrial base of the world. In a way we can use the universal energy, or zero point energy to amplify it.

(50:32) Now NASA is looking at this technology for deep space exploration because basically what happens to the water molecule, you can take the water molecule and electrical stress, release its gases as hydrogen and oxygen, unite the gases to create thermo explosive energy, reunite the water molecule, cool it down using space as a heat synch, bring it right back through a recycling system to keep flexing the water molecule to keep tapping into this energy source and therefore we have a fantastic economic energy source for deep space exploration as well as now have a fuel source capable for space station operations.

Figure 65.

Figure 66.

(51:06) We are an industrial contracting right now. We’ve opened our doors to industry. We have legalized the technology under 35 U.S.C. 101. If there is any question about operability under that code in the US patent office, come on in gentlemen, we want to see it. If you demonstrate it successfully you get your patents. And I’ve always recommended all the inventors please do not try to get a patent on an over-unity device at this stage of the game. However, the vacuum filled, German vacuum filled, association under Dr. Neeper has confirmed and tested over-unity of this technology. The Russians and the Ukrainians have confirmed. There’s people in Japan who have confirmed. Other have confirmed over-unity with this technology. And so we now have it confirmed by the scientific community, now I believe it will go political.

Figure 67. – Meyer’s tells us from beyond the grave, “it’s going to have to be mandated by the people” and to “come together to bring it in”

(51:54) We can demonstrate the technology. We can say it’s here but in actuality it will not be Stan Meyers to bring it in. It will be either you or I, the guy down the street, who will come together to bring it in. Otherwise, I do not believe an alternate energy source, whether water fuel cell or other, would ever come in. It’s going to have to be mandated by the people to try to reverse the environmental problems, the environmental damage, that’s actually occurring.

Figure 68. – ASER technology

(52:19) But we are in industrial contracting. The technology led us to development of the ASER technology where we take the hydrogen atom and put it in the vacuum, similar to that of a laser, we now cause and oscillate the hydrogen atom under enormous electrical stress of potential and oscillate it and potentially the ASER is potentially the most powerful laser weapon that will ever be developed by man at this particular stage. But we use it in reference to heating or being able to use it as an element to cut metal or what have you.

Figure 69. – Jet engine water-fuel retrofit

(52:52) The internal combustion engine or jet engine could care less whether it’s running on aviation fuel or water. Electronically we adjust the burn rate to co-equal that of the temperatures inside the combustion chamber of the jet engine and we can literally run a jet engine and do it off of water. It’s only a matter of technology allows us now to scale it to any size to release the energy. And the technology lends itself to your rocket engines.

Figure 70. – History in the making

(53:22) Any questions? Yes.


Thank you. Question?

(53:32) Q: If you start with a gallon of water, and you were saying for NASA rocket engines in space, how much water do you end up with at the end if you start with say 30 gallons of water? What do end up with?

(53:51) A: In all of our tests it’s exactly the same. All your doing is putting electrical stress across the combustible gas atoms, your oscillating it, ok, you’re taking it to a very high potential of oscillation, your releasing its energy but you are not destroying the atomic structure. Therefore you have no loss.

(54:07) Q: So essentially what you are saying is that this could be a closed loop system where you feed the water back in and you recycle it using the excited protons – rebounds it.

(54:16) A: That’s correct. In other words instead of allowing the water mist just to go out the exhaust you could take a clear plastic tube or a glass tube and take the exhaust, expose it to the sun because the absorption is quite instant, and take it back and run it through and use a close loop system.

(54:31) Q: When will you have a production kit ready for car retrofit?

(54:37) A: Well, we are in about five different major projects right now. One is what we call the Heat Resonator for Europe. That’s 90% completed. What we are doing is called a proof of concept that we come up with the engineering standard to determine that we have reached the operational parameters or specs of the unit and then we convert it to mass production. The retrofit kit for the water fuel injectors for transportation, that’s about 90 – 95% completed and its manufacturing standard. And so it would be roughly about a year or a year and half, two years bar that there is no form of opposition. Now when I started on the technology I didn’t have one white hair on my head. Ok? Now I’m writing a book about it, it’s titled, “With the Lord There’s Purpose”, talking about my faith walk. I’m really on volume 38 and I’ll probably be on volume 52 before it’s completed and we can get it out the door.

(55:38) Q: Stan, I’m Eugene Mallove, I met you several years ago and..

(Stan interjects) Yes I do remember you.

(55:41) I was very impressed with the demonstration you showed me in the Plexiglas cell and I just want to say this. You were not able to measure the input power. Now I am the editor and chief for a magazine called Independent Energy in Chicago city. I would be delighted to have my home laboratory, my associates with connections to many small companies, large companies, Air Force scientists, you name it. We can get your technology certified; we will put it on the cover of the magazine. We’ll write up everything – If you’ll just do one thing: just let us test it. Will you allow us to test it? We’ll prove to the world, I guarantee you, that if you have a device that has energy in your gas that is greater the electric energy you’re putting in, and everyone who reads our magazine in 36 countries, very top scientists, very good companies in the world will absolutely accept it.

(56:38) A: OK. I’ll answer it in this way. There are many loop holes in both the U.S. patent law and the international patent laws. And under the international patent laws that if you release any of your work out in the public domain, you can receive a statutory blockage in receiving your patents. Now it’s one thing to get patents on processes that we are talking about. Now, when you get patents on processes and you reduce it down to practice, then it’s the way and how that you reduce your technology down to practice. Many times inventors and entrepreneurs violate their design development rights on the system. So, in this particular case, many, many governmental and university laboratories have confirmed the viability of the water fuel cell technology so it has been confirmed in many different testings. Now..

(57:26) (Questioner interjects) Where? Where are the numbers? That’s what I want to see. I want to see a professor or an engineer with numbers of – we don’t need to get inside the box – all we need is, this is the input volume tested by leader X and this is the output. For DW Research, this man right here, David Waldmen, was very open, worked with us publishing his data, he has a process that looks like it’s over unity and with no problem. We’ve got patent coverage…

(57:57) I understand, I understand, but I am not willing to violate my development rights to reduce it down to practice. I’ll give you one more second on it. In your reducing down to practice, you must assure that you have the design development rights. In this particular case, it was very important that we would maintain all full systems development rights to get the technology into the marketplace. So, the scientific world is doing a great deal of testing as to the viability of the technology. Allow them to proceed on to make their determination as to converting water into thermo explosive energy under the conditions that we do. Now we have a policy in our development that we do not release any system as we release it out into the public domain then you can do all the testing you so desire. The industrial contracting we have, we respect their confidentiality as they have come into the projects to protect their investments in order to take this technology and translate into a finished product.

(59:03) Q: Have you done the model or models of the conversions. Let’s say there are 150 million automobiles in the United States, of the water cycle, let’s say they were all running on water tomorrow. With that amount of water vapor in the air, have you done any modeling as to how that might alter the weather patterns or how you might see these huge clouds coming up because of the change in the amount of water vapor.


(59:28) A: Well so far the model testing that we have shows that you get a more even distribution of the water mist around the world. It will not collect in one particular area. On a cool day, as the super-heated steam comes out of the exhaust, it would just simply cool down and the road way would be just a little bit of moisture. But they look at it today as quite a stabilizing element for the distribution of moisture all over the world.

Any other question?

(59:57) Q: How soon will you have something that we can all see?

(1:00:06) A: Well, some of them are industrial projects as much as 90% completed. So it takes – so the question is, how fast will industry convert the technology to a finished product. Right now industry, with their funding, they are moving extremely fast. They are moving faster then I even anticipated. Se we are looking that we should have some units out the door on the principle within a year, a year and half possibly two years – if all goes well and no one interferes.

(1:00:33) Thank you very much.



Simple WFC Energization Circuit Water as Fuel with Puharich and Meyer Operating Meyer’s VIC
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