The Music of Matter

The principles of harmonics which are well-known to the musician are the very same principles which govern the laws of physics, though this is very little realized at present. All octaves of energy, whether within the range of human investigation or beyond it, are the same. Each octave varies from the next only in scale and the amount of energy required to sustain the oscillation.

I have developed the chart shown below in Figure 1 to help you appreciate this more deeply. In it you can examining a full range of 100 octaves beginning from 1 cycle per second all the way up through 1,267,650,600,228,229,401,496,703,205,376 Hz (or a million billion billion cycles per second).

I have not tuned my chart to Standard Pitch where A = 440Hz. I have instead used Scientific Pitch (also known as Philosophical Pitch) where  Middle C = 256 Hz and where A = 426.|6| Hz. (Note that some add the closed cycle 6 to the open cycle portion and call this, erroneously, A = 432Hz). I have shifted down from Standard pitch because the mathematics underlying Scientific Pitch are perfectly aligned with Foundational Mathematics while Standard Pitch produces many irrational values suggesting a kind of dissonance or lack of alignment with the fractality of the Conscious Field itself.

Figure 1. - 100 Octaves of Light

Figure 1. - 100 Octaves of Light

In high octaves of light, far higher then Gamma Rays, light condenses into the 10 Octaves of Matter. For more about this topic, see my earlier writing:

Beyond the Octaves of Matter begin the Octaves of Lower Astral Light. This point in the energy scale marks the borderline between human spirituality and western science.

“As above, so below”.

As the vibrations of light oscillate to ever higher rates, light extends further and further into subtler levels of the conscious field, which is to say that it extends into ever higher vibrations of consciousness.

In what follows, I will be working from 256 cycles per second as my root tone.


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