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October 2009
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The Vortex Glyph from the Mind of God


The depth of connection between numbers and the Universe has been known for a very long time. It seems clear that Pythagoras who was born in 570BC was fully aware of the direct connection between numbers and Cosmos. Other examples point to this from the early Bronze Age as far back as 3300BC in Sumeria, Babylonia, and others of the great ancient civilizations.

Babylonian approximation of the square root of 2

The clay tablet above is circa 1800–1600 BCE and displays a Babylonian approximation of the square root of 2 and the Phi ratio.

Tablet of Shamesh

Below is a painting from 1794 by William Blake.

This morning, I noticed that this painting may encode the Vortex Glyph.

Blake may be pointing to the Vortex Glyph stemming from the Mind of God

Blake’s painting appears to encode the following:

1) The cap of the tetrahedron originates directly in the center of the mind of God.

2) The ancient Hermetic saying “As above, so below” is reflected here showing the connection between Heaven and the Earth through the “bridging arm of God”, a vertical line extending from 9 to the singularity at zero. The painting suggests that there are two zero points in the cosmological system. I believe the hand of God depicted here is the “white hole” vortex while the “black hole” vortex is located at the intersection of lines 4 – 8 and 5 – 1. The vertical line forming the bilateral symmetry for the image runs directly in connection to God’s mind, eye and hand.

This “white hole” aligns with a suggested an inverted circle of nine (see grey number markers on circle below). These intersecting tetrahedrons actually form the Star Tetrahedron (also called “the Star of David”), a central symbol of Kabbalah and Judaism.

Star Tetrahedron formed from white and black holes, two sides of a single cosmos.

This vertical line bridging the above and the below, heaven and earth,  passes in symbolism from God’s mind, through his eye and from the center of his hand. The mind of God, The Eye of God and the Hand of God employed in the act of creating and sustaining His creation.

3) The apparent existence of duality through polarity also originates from the mind of God passing over his left and right legs. Symbolism for the Yin and the Yang, the boundary state which provides motive force to the sacred geometry producing the flow of time, the presence of force and the seeming reality of distance and scale within the Universe.


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